segunda-feira, 10 de abril de 2017

Neorama 1211: 9th art images. Selected stuff by Marko Ajdarić


Donald Trump, as seen by Adam Zyglis

Fluide Glacial, Fluide Glacial, Fluide Glacial...

A happy and/or sad drawing by Finnish Ola Fogelberg

XXI century sports, accordong to Baldo

A lovable cover by Cyril Pedrosa

Gotlib: a great expo, in photos

A paper doll by Anna Mongay

Marvel: Patsy Walker, long time ago

A lot of David Levine

From Valencia, Ortifus watches the torada

Carl Anderson: Henry began like this


Gueishas the Futuropolis way

Andy Warhol gets the Becco Giallo treatment

USA: a Brazilian detail in the world of mainstream

Cavall Fort 1313-1314 cover and summary

Gianluca Costantini's newest book, shown via YouTube

Bruno Aziz: the world, this week

Jarbas: Quo vadis, Brasilis?

El Karma 187 (cover)

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