quinta-feira, 7 de maio de 2015

Neorama 1115: news and graphic humor


Fred (Philemon): there will never be another artist to create such pages


Lalo Alcaraz: news about Cuba

ComicsAlliance presents the art of Dana Zemack

Fantagraphics: a teddy bear gets separated from her owner...

TwoMorrows: time for Paolo Rivera in the collection Modern Masters


Campina Grande is again ou Brazilian headline


Oldies and goodies: the best album focused in Nicaragua in the history of comics

Semana Negra de Gijón 2015: the first stars

The least one should know about El Negro Fontanarrosa

The first jubilee for Kukuy

Getxo festival: basques pay homage to Juan Gimenez

A good reason to know La Casa de los Monos y Monitos


To print and save as a selected file: Nedeljko Bajalica writes about Sergio Toppi

Il Vernacoliere wants our money! Lend it, lend it!

Bologna puts together animation and documentary


Can you remember something wonderful worthy 10 pfennings?


Sélestival 2015

Is Luz becoming sage?

A new album by Davoz, the author of La Fabuleuse Histoire du Café (review)


Hagiographies invade the Nederlands Stripmuseum, in Groningen

Neorama 1114: news and graphic humor


1871: by that time, you should read... Le Fils du Père Duchène

Just in case... you YET don't love Vincenzina


2000AD 1929: illustrated preview

Our humor with pride: Zoran Kovačević is now included in Comiclopedia

Floyd Gottfredson: short illustrated bio

Next grpahic novel by Daniel Clowes


A good illustrated article to remember Brick Bradford

A new hagiography in comics, in Rio Grande do Norte


Years 1970/1980: tons of [good] satirical mags from Argentina

Artefacto 68

El Karma 170 (downloadable in PDF)


Sergio Staino, this week: everyone is on the run


We proudly present: the new German magazine abiout comics

Splitter Verlag presents tons os comics in its new catalog


When Nicolas Mahler adapts, well, it's more and less than an adaptation

A new album about Argelia by Casterman

We are waiting for... Parc Spirou

Le Canard Enchainé depicts les Le Pin

Soleil: from littérature jeunesse to bande dessineée... review by BD Zoom