quarta-feira, 5 de abril de 2017

Neorama 1210: 9th art images selected stuff by Marko Ajdarić

===Picks of the week===

Osijek, Croatia: a bunch of young people cellebrating Andrija Maurović's birthday


Antonio Segura /Jose Ortiz / Antonio Segura /Jose Ortiz /Antonio Segura /Jose Ortiz / Antonio Segura /Jose Ortiz...

One affiche abou HG Oesterheld we should never forget

Poetry, you should be called TonhOliveira

1944: a Gibi cover with Ralph B. Fuller's art, uploaded at Guia dos Quadrinhos, this week

Sendra: Matías goes naked

''All'' you should know about Chester Gould

Just in case you do not know.... Newton Foot!

Bill Everett: cover of Cracked 1 (1958)

Béatrice Rodríguez' round-up

The titanic mind of Castelao, drawing folks of his Galicia

Bob de Moor and his characters, by Bob de Moor himself

Zidrou + Serge Ernst, together (a cover)


A new book signed by Isidro Ferrer

Peru: another very nice affiche

CLIJ magazine 276 (cover)

Marcatti: the newest Frauzio book

A new book illustrated by Maite Gurrutxaga

Czech and int'l humor: a new Tapír mag is online

From Rio Grande do sul to Portugal: Cris Peter

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