domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016

Neorama 1134: 9th art news and graphic humor selected by Marko Ajdarić


See you for ever, Geneviève Castrée !

Tasio draws the Colombian wonderful new of the week

Brazilian president by Kleber Sales (Correio Braziliense) / More (much more) Kleber Sales, here


Our Walt Disney

A long (long) interview with Zoran Janjetov


Shazam and Captain Marvel are featured in Back Issue! 93

Marc Andreyko's Wonder Woman in 150 pages

Tools 4 us via YoutUbe: introduction to FontForge

Life-size 2-D/3-D experience features South Park

'The Center for Cartoon Studies has just released the first issue of this unique collaboration'


Time to laud SESI

Peter Kuper will visit Brazil

Piracicaba 2016; and the winners are....


CLIJ 272

One great event for the Día de la Historieta Argentina 2016


Bordighera (again): a little bit of a beautiful history

Video: RAI interviews Rinaldo Traini


Ralph Ruthe's humor about Facebook in 80 pages


Interview: Frank Pé

Ok, I assume: any album by Daniel Maghen is a MUST for us to be shown

Neorama 1133: 9th art news and graphic humor selected by Marko Ajdarić


Mana Neyestani's art on Cartooning for Peace site


The latest expo by Esteban Maroto


Yes, we always have expos on YouTube!


NICE to see you (like this) John Rose!

Keith Haring, at last, is included in Comiclopedia

Another essay about Maurice Sendak in the excellent Brain Pickings


A serious international congress of humor in Sao Paulo state

Stefanie Harjes visits Brasil

YouTube: Marko Ajdarić explains the difference between Germans and their southwest neighbors (and talks about Goethe comics, as well...

Finallly! a masterpiece by Danijel Žeželj in Portuguese


Victor Mora: obituary by Barcelona's La Vanguardia

Asturias: Jornadas del Cómic Villa de Avilés 2016

Jordi Canyissà's birthday is today. And I proudly present his latest book


Sergio Algozzino's new GNo

E-book about Diabolik


Mosaik Sammelband 87

A well-visited exhibition in a monastery shows 99 cartoons on environmental consumption and refugees


Atrabile: a long article about new Alex Baladi's work

A BD about Portugal

The new bande dessinée album by Serbian artist Milan Jovanović: review