sábado, 1 de abril de 2017

Neorama 1209: 9th art images selected stuff by Marko Ajdarić


Tošo Borković won a prize in Romania this week. See the worldless cartoon

William Pitt, William Pitt, William Pitt...

Beacassine on the top of the world

1934... and there we had... Cynical Susie

Jurgen Habermas by Marian Avramescu

Lots of (recent) Darko Drljević

Galicia: no other city in the world loves (comics) fanzines as much as Ourense (2007 catalog cover by David Rubin)

Catalunya: a lot of covers of L'Infantil (at the end of the page)

When Brazil used to be Brazil...

The least known Milan Trenc (cover)

1 hour of Supergulp (YouTube)

1980: let's sing with Jommeke

Ukrainian popular leader Nestor Makhno shown by Spain Rodriguez

Angel Boligán, this Sunday

My favorite Simplicissimus cover

Alan Kupperberg, 'profusely illustrated (sic)

A double page by Jack Kirby


MAD 543

The new album signed Frank Giroud

Éditions Bamboo: 'Jazz' gets the Grand Angle treatment

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