segunda-feira, 27 de março de 2017

Neorama 1207: 9th art images selected stuff by Marko Ajdarić


Beginning with Maja Veselinović (above, no link)

Francisco Ibañez: one page of the out of this world 13 Rue del Percebe

'You say Batman? I say Quique Alcatena

European manga: just another fantastic cover by Nancy Peña

A page created by my very favorite Brazilian author: José Roosevelt

Toys: Gaston Lagaffe got the Leblon Delienne treatment

Charles Grigg (whose centennial was in 2016, as rewritten by Marko Ajdarić

6 copies, side by side of Marko Ajdarić's newest creation (PVC caricature)

Just in case you do not know Aapo Rapi, yet

Diego Agrimbau + Gabriel Ippóliti: Bertold Brecht in GNo (cover + 2 pages)

Ernani Marchioretto, a bar owner (*) that is our eternal friend in Porto Alegre (*Not he only one)

Danijel Žeželj as showcased by Komikaze

Uderzo? honestly, I do not know why people do not know Marcel Uderzo

Steve Parkhouse draws Alan Moore at HIS best: Bojeffries Saga

Jacques Martin: Alix' cover I like better

NEW: Have you seen Arkham Asylum – LEGO Batman Movie in tiles (yes, by LEGO) ?

The forgotten author of the very first daily strip in Brazil


Tebeosfera shows a liitle bit of the GNo about El Españoleto issued by the Prado Museum (NEW)

The Mahabharata according to Amruta Patil (NEW)

Some images of Captain Underpants: the First Epic Movie

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