domingo, 12 de março de 2017

Neorama 1204: ex-YU (and surronding) 9th art news and stuff


Tsocho Peev: is this a new world?

A new step by step signed Maja Veselinović

Above: Marko Ajdaric's newest creation

Our honor: F. Peeters featured in latest Serbian mass comics magazine Stripoteka (this month)


And the winner is... Darko Drljević !

YouTube: Marko Ajdarić explains his new device for cartoon expos

Spela Cadez and Bruno Bozzetto, in the same new!

Stanislav Lolek, added to Comiclopedia


ZOUNDS! Danijel Žeželj as star in Animafest 2017


Stripburger's call for entries


Interview: Mirko Ilić


Steffen Kverneland: 'Munch' got a Croatian edition (review)


'Scalped' going to the screen (hope it will be good for Rajko Milošević, a/k/a R.M. Guéra


Goran Parlov, in a long and illustrated review


Angoulême: Milorad Vicanović, alias, Maza, profiled / / a recent review, 'out of fandom'

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