segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2017

Neorama 1194: 9th art, comic comic news and graphic humor selected by Marko Ajdarić


The newest gallery at Nosorog


Interview: Mike Keefe

James Kochalka: Johnny Boo 7. reviewed

A good reason to boycott Brazil

Gabrovo 2017: call for entries

Disney's first 'Oswald' cartoon restored for new 'Pinocchio' home video release


Obituary: Marko Ajdarić writes about Toninho Mendes


Oh, my! a book about TBO, signed Toni Guiral!

Juan Padron goes 70

One more of these silly, silly things that happen only in Brazil

A new article about Donaz, the TBO illustrator


News about are always a must, at Neorama

More (I say more) Disney at the Wow


God blame the damned bitches of Charlie Hebdo


Gaston Lagaffe goes 60: here's the related album

A good rate for a manga issued by Sarbacane

Newest album by Aude Picault: review

Benoît Sokal? Canardo 24, reviewed

Can we really call this Lucky Luke ? (review)

Farid Boudjellal and Yves Frémion, coworking!

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