terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2017

Neorama 1190: 9th art, comic comic news and graphic humor selected by Marko Ajdarić


Giuseppe Scapigliatti: Vincenzina saves the day

An official online gallery of cards by Julie Paschkis


Walt Kelly's Peter Wheat is back to te shelves

At last! Hugh Hefner has been included in Comiclopedia

Disney Channel: trailer for the new series directed by Chris Sonnenburg

UK-based comics: 'Scotland Yardie' is insanely funny with a nice line in social commentary

Jill Thompson amplifies the 'Wonder Woman' saga

A new flipbook machine


Come, see, spread away Izanio's cartoon that someone wants to put under censorship

Finally, Pénélope Bagieu will be read in Brazil


The non-comical comic new of this edition goes to.... Alfonso Zapico!

The European snow wave, according to Tasio

Mortadelo: the april issue


This month's magazine Linus

Interview: Sergio Staino


Did you know the 'other' Wilhelm Busch ?

Karl Marx: a new comics version of 'Das Kapital' (illustrated review)


The best book of the (beginning) year

A big homage to Goscinny in Angouleme

Zerocalcare published by Cambourakis: illustrated review

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