domingo, 10 de maio de 2015

Neorama 1.116: news and graphic humor


One cover more form SexHumor


Comic Book Creator 8

1959: a cover of Hello Buddies

Bud Sagendorf is not only Popeye

Non Sequitur: the first egotrip.. whoops, selfie

Aragones: the book I'm buying this weekend UHU!

560 pages of Eightball


Here and then, we issue forth a new about Stan Lee

Marko Ajdarić: Star Wars? no, thanks...

Thanks, God, we have Ziraldo

New[s] from Bahia? Athos Sampaio, for sure

A big expo of Stuart Carvalhais works


Galicia: everything about Siro

Gaturro: a meeting with with Nik

Expomanga has arrived


Topolino 3102


Zack 191


A prize for Plantu

We are proud to present... Mario Ramos

Hannah Arendt, in bande dessinée

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