sábado, 6 de maio de 2017

Neorama 1214: 9th art images. Selected stuff by Marko Ajdarić


A great array of Turcios

A lot of Maurice Sendak

Just in case you have forgotten... TELERIN!

Woody Allen by William Medeiros

JR Mora: how to use TV

Brazilian master Ruy Perotti: a gallery of animations

1 page in the pure Harvey Pekar style

Ares: he'll bit you!

A cup of BroomHilda

A 'pure' Jill Thompson's drawing

A page signed Igor Hofbauer / / a second one

The rarest Goscinny/Uderzo series (1 cover)

Serbian Franja Straka lauds the new season


Marvel Comics Digest 1

Joe Bennett (Brazil) in his laestt comic book for DC Comics

Papercutz has just released a new line of comics: preview

Stradivari: the graphic novel

The Medicis, according to Soleil (6-page preview)

Strapazin 126

Baptistão has drawn my new button 4 sale

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