terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2016

Neorama 1176: 9th art news and graphic humor selected by Marko Ajdarić


The New Yorker magazine: latest issue cover


Suske en Wiske original drawings sold by 125,000 euros


Review: Smudja + Smudja, published by Timof


Black Panther is back (review)

YouTube: how did Jiri Trnka work

Hayao Miyazaki is returning!


Elektra is coming back

A nice history in Brazil. Created by an illustrator that came from Argentina


Rip Rogelio Naranjo

Juan Sáenz Valiente launches a sketchbook

Time for the most important Basque Conuntry comics festival


The latest book published by BeccoGiallo

Ghost in the Shell, the film

Topolino 3181 (review)


The best comics of the year


Igor Kordej: L'Histoire Secrete 33, reviewed

Love according to Joann Sfar

Topo 2

Interview: Luke Pearson

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