quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2016

Neorama 1172: 9th art news and graphic humor selected by Marko Ajdarić


A starting point at Chis Beatrice's portfolio

A new online gallery by Antonio Lapone


Saló del Manga de Barcelona: 142.000 visitors


The latest MAD special edition

Into the 1st worldwide painted film

Marmaduke's usage


Portugal: these are the best of the year

Nissim Nusko: another creative guy from Israel


A heavy master piece by Astiberri (review)

The new album by Ángel de la Calle

Humoristán presents.... Mingote!

Camille Jourdy published by La Cupula

Interview: Gustavo Sala


Werther Dell’Edera shows us Prague in 1942


Come, see! the caricaturized dog

The great caricture expo of October


Lou! 7

François Mitterrand according to Joël Callède

Sillage 19 (review)

A bad, sad new

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