quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2016

Neorama 1170: 9th art news and graphic humor selected by Marko Ajdarić


Condorito (the film): first images

Cartoon by Bebb: a bad place to swim


Bloom County is back

Fred van Lente begins a new series at Marvel (review)

Come, see, Charlie Adlard focused by BBC

Marvel: Doctor Strange in a new series

Peter Kuper: 'Ruins', reviewed

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Awards 2017: the nominees


I was looking for different food... then, suddenly

Review: the latest work of André Diniz


304 pages of Philemon issued by ECC

Interview: Zeina Abirached


A GNo about Jane Austen, published by Becco Giallo

Lucca 2016: 10 chosen new issues


Alfonz 2 / 2016

Zack 209


Le Monde issues na article about Zap Comix

Quai des Bulles 2016: 35.000 visitors

Interview: Yves Swolfs

The new album by Vanyda

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