sábado, 22 de outubro de 2016

Neorama 1168: 9th art news and graphic humor selected by Marko Ajdarić


Simplicissimus: a cover ressembling agit prop

Dylan Dog: a cover drawn by Zerocalcare


Darko Macan + Igor Kordej, publiShed together by Marko Šunjić's Fibra


A new X-Men comic book

The best 9th art narrative about Nicaragua ever published. To pay (cheap), download and read


The next Hellboy series

Marko Ajdarić pens some news about humor and comics


WONDER Woman: yes, there was a true and serious new, this month

Rip Steve Dillon

The Spirit, according to Francesco Francavilla.


Retro-interview: Maria Grazia Perini

Time for BilBOlBul 2016


Frankfurter Buchmesse pays homege to Joost Swarte: interview

Hamburg, hub of the weekend


Eddy Paape & Yvan Delporte: a new thome with 280 pages of Valhardi (review)

Babouse: the new non-medicine

Thorgal as a TV series

A WONDERful new to put feminists in rage :-)

The new album by Vuillemin

Formula Bula 2016: an overview

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