quarta-feira, 29 de março de 2017

Neorama 1208: 9th art images selected stuff by Marko Ajdarić

Above: art by Dubravka Kolanović

A cartoon to celebrate 40 years of The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum (this month)

Quite somply the best, for my father's birthday, today: a whole film by Jiří Trnka...

.... by running: a short 'La Linea', from Osvaldo Cavandoli

United Kingdom: cover of Puck (April 6, 1901)

RECENT: an autograph by our friend and all-purposes editor Jose Jover

YouTube; Marko Ajdarić's new expo (settled last Saturday)

MiTacq: an abridged overview about La Patrouille des Castors / / What's going on?

Dejan Petković by Brazilian master of caricature Baptistão

Harley Quinn by Oliver "Ollie" Nome (he has passed away on March 24)

Alter Ego cover showcases George Tuska

Tomorrow begins.... (above)

8 years ago: 1 page by Bira Dantas + Marko Ajdarić

RIP Bernie Wrightson: the way he pictured E. A. Poe

Will Elder self-portrait

From Montenegro: one cover by Tihomir Čelanović


Politikin Zabavnik; the latest covers

This week's Fra Tino

TOPOLINO 3201 (issued today)

Mike Deodato: a cover tagged as for today

Miguelanxo Prado goes black and white

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