segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2017

Neorama 1199: 9th art, comic comic news and graphic humor selected by Marko Ajdarić


YouTube:the art of Antoni Anastasovski, in 8 minutes

Luiz Carlos Fernandes: the (serialized) comics in the world have began with this man


GoComics: Black History Month in 'The Boondocks' section

Charlie Rodrigues is profiled by Mike Lynch

Spirit in a new series being penned and illustrated by Francesco Francavilla

42 cartoons about Trump


Marko Ajdarić writes about 100 years of Brazilian animation

Associação dos Cartunistas do Brasil did something really laudable

2016 in Portugal comics: how was it all, folks ?


Just released: Capablanca translated (from Skorpio) to Spanish

How to create CBR files

Brazilian André Neves was by runner... // and the nominated / prized were....

Memento: Gabriel Vargas, the father of Familia Burrón

The newest Jordi Bayarri album


RAI: 36 minutes about Andrea Pazienza

Graphic article: Giorgio Cavazzano is 50 years on the road


Come, see, this week's Der Spiegel cover is noteworthy


Italy versus (this soi-disant humour mag) Charlie Hebdo

A new film based in Gaston Lagaffe

Jimi Hendrix, à la node de Alain Beaulet

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